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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are double hung windows?

A. Windows that slide up and down, not side to side.

Q. What if my window is higher than my cat can jump?

A. If its on the inside, you can place a small table or piece of furniture in front of the Let Meow't to give your cat a boost up. If the window is high on the outside of your home, maybe apiece of lawn furniture or small out door table.

Q. What kind of maintenance is required for the Let Meow't?

A. The Let Meow't is made from ABS plastic and should last for many years. You may wish to clean it occasionally with warm soapy water and vacuum out the inside for cat hair.

Q. How long does it take to train my cat to use Let Meow't?

A. Most cats begin to use Let Meow't after just a few demonstrations. There are helpful hints for training in the assembly instructions that are supplied.

Q. What are the actual dimensions of Let Meow't?

A. L23.5" X W18" X H9.25"

Q. Can other unwanted small animals come in?

A. Your cat leaves it's scent inside Let Meow't, causing other small animals to shy away from entering. Let Meow't is also located up off the ground making it harder for them to find the entrance. Although it is "possible" for another small animal to enter, it has been unlikely.