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3rd Prize Winner
2nd Prize Winner
"I have 4 cats and they have all adapted nicely to their new cat door, what a blessing it is not having to get up and let them in or out anymore. We just love it! Thank you Let Meow't."
- P. Moreira

"Love it, love it, love it! The entire time I was putting it together I was smiling. Never have there been better instructions. Then I just sat and looked at it for a while. It is the coolest thing since central vacuuming."
- F. Thompson

Window Mounted Cat Patio

Let Meow’t® Window Mounted Cat Patio

Visit Global Pet Expo Site A Breath of Fresh Air for Indoor Cats. Now your indoor cat can enjoy the fresh air of the out doors without leaving the security of your home.

The new, award winning, patent pending, Let Meow’t® Window Mounted Cat Patio allows your indoor cat to step outside for fresh air at their own convenience.

Window Mounted Cat Door - Cats Up to 15 lbs

Unique Patented Design

Never Have To Let Your Cat In Or Out Again!

No more getting up at all hours of the day and night. No more worrying about your cat’s well-being while you’re away.

No more accidents on the carpet if you come home late. No more destroyed window screens from your cat trying to get your attention. No need to cut holes in doors or walls for installation.

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Secure and Safe

Safe Refuge from Dogs! No More Litter Box!

Whether being chased by the neighborhood bully, or the family dog, your cat will have a safe place to go!

And say goodbye to that smelly old litter box, or at least keep it outside. Cats prefer to go outside if they have a choice.